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RETIREMENT from Private Practice on 31 March 2022– Mr Patrick Dawes

It is with a heavy heart that this week we farewell one of our Specialists Patrick Dawes from clinical private practice. 

Patrick’s decision to retire from private practice was a big one having spent 23 years association with both Mercy Hospital and ENT Otago at Suite 20 in the Marinoto Clinic.

His decision to step back from private practice will allow him to concentrate his time at Dunedin Public Hospital where he will continue his role as Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago Medical School as well as providing clinical leadership and contact with ENT patients at Dunedin Public Hospital.

From all the team at ENT Otago we wish you the very best. Thank you Patrick for your invaluable contribution over the years. It has been an honour and a privilege to have worked with you and we will miss you – our wise owl of Suite 20, mentor, highly respected colleague and most of all, treasured friend.